Is insurance worth it?

The number one value of insurance is only seen when you need to claim. 

The number two value of insurance is the daily peace of mind from knowing you are covered. 

I’m Andy Turner the lead insurance adviser and co-founder of insurancehq. When you talk with us you’ll discover we strive to do two things for you.

1. Increasing the value of your insurance.

As an insurance client, you want to know you’re protected when you need it – this is the #1 value of insurance. Any insurance adviser or company can provide you with an insurance policy. However, you also want to be 100% certain you are covered to the extent your needs, and budget dictates – this is where we excel.

Our process ensures the time is taken to hear and identify what risks you have in life and to ensure appropriate cover is in place for them and that you know exactly what you are and aren’t covered for. Education is a core value of ours. And this is what you can expect from us. What is the benefit? This education avoids the situation where people incorrectly think they are covered. 

2. Decreasing the cost of your insurance.

There are two ways to decrease costs. Firstly by removing unnecessary cover – during our process you will gain control and learn exactly what you are and aren’t covered for allowing you to select an appropriate balance between cost and cover.

Secondly, by utilising excellent underwriters, we have been able to reduce premium loadings or remove exclusions for our clients, by actively reviewing your medical situation and giving you the information to take charge. Even if we cannot remove an adverse term or condition on your existing cover, we can guarantee that we will help you understand the value of your existing protection, and what can be done to aid in reducing/removing these terms.

We can help you.

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How our process works for you

A quick phone or zoom call so you can meet your adviser and decide if you’d like to proceed with our help.

It is important to us that there is no conflict of interest in our recommendations so our advisers are salaried. In addition to the staff salaries, we have structured our remuneration from insurance companies with a higher emphasis on taking care of our clients throughout their lifetime, (ie, not big upfront payments for signing a client up, but rather a drip-fed payment as we take care of you over the long term).

This call is to determine if we are a good long term fit with you. 

Once you become an insurancehq client. We will follow up with you to actively manage your insurance as your; goals, family, and financial situation changes through life.

You get your own online profile, this ensures you only have to enter information once and reduces form filling. Plus you can share this information with mortgagehq if you would like advice on mortgages – again with zero extra forms. We know time is your most valuable commodity and strive to respect it. We do 90% of our business electronically, allowing you more time to discuss your goals, position and concerns and for you to learn about your insurance coverage. Not to mention, it is an environmentally friendly way to do business.

We discuss your initial goals, position and concerns and what is important to you. Finding out what risks you would like to be covered for, how much you want for yourself or your family if certain claims need to be made, and what premiums you can comfortably afford to receive daily peace of mind. During this meeting, we can provide you with very rough premium expectations to help you make informed requests. You will leave this meeting with a rough plan.

We analyse, research, discuss, report back and explain our insurance recommendation to you.

After the meeting, we put in the work to detail out your rough plan, get actual premium costs, check the fine print and ensure everything is exactly as you expect it. I am extremely proud of the insurancehq underwriting process, I have taken extreme care to carefully build relationships with key underwriters over the last 10 years. We discuss your financial and medical situation to source the best possible options for you – we never just ‘request a quote’. 

You hear exactly what options are available to you allowing you to select from our recommendations the path you want to take.

Every insurance company is different in what ‘policy terms’ they can offer. We will help you understand why we recommended this company over that one and the final terms of your insurance. Remember at any point you are welcome to ask questions, you won’t get any blanket rationalisations from us!

Moving forwards you’ll frequently hear from us.

After all, we need to continuously review your situation or we are not doing the job we have set out to do and promised you we would do.

Insurances we can help you with

  • Life
  • Level Term Life
  • Trauma Cover
  • Income Cover
  • Mortgage Cover
  • Household Expenses Protection
  • Complete Disablement Cover
  • Medical Cover
  • Accidental Injury
  • Shareholder Agreement specific protection
  • Key Person Cover
  • Loss of Revenue
  • Business Income Cover
  • Home
  • Contents
  • Car
  • Boat

Want a phone call at a convenient time?

Want to book a 10 minute call?


You have complete control over your insurance, as your adviser, we present you with recommendations and options, but ultimately you are the decision-maker. Realising this we know the only way for you to make very good decisions if we spend the time educating you to the level required.

We help you understand your possible personal risks, how we can plug those risks and how insurance can work for you. This education is something I take seriously, it comes through in educational videos and articles, in how we approach meetings and conversations with you. 

Our goal is simply: Better Customer Outcomes. Insurancehq’s pragmatic and customer-centric focus is designed to give you a better outcome through you being at the centre of every decision we help you make. It is all about you! 

The insurancehq story

I am Andy.